Carved Hardwood Decorative Stair Risers are the most innovative product to hit the home improvement market in years and you can only get them here!
Never before has a product like this existed, where you can literally transform the face of your stairs and entry of your home into a climbing piece of artistry in the highest quality of carved hardwood, and in just 1 day!
Carved Hardwood Decorative Risers come unfinished and are 1/4” x 6 1/2" x 47" to trim-to-fit.
All patterns are 5 1/4” high x 30” wide, so you will never have to cut into the pattern.
Custom sizing available.
Classic, Contemporary, Floral, Leaves and Specialty patterns.
"Dramatic and Subtle" versions, so you can create an impressive and truly unique entry into your home.
Custom Finishing available.