Stair Tread Covers and Riser Covers are the easiest way to replace your old, carpeted and unsightly stair tread and risers with solid hardwood!
Our DIY stair tread and riser covers are “Ready-To-Fit” all stair types and sizes and allow 3 methods for a 1-DAY Installation! (See How To/Installation)
Stair Riser Covers = ¾” thick x 7 ½” tall x 36”, 42”, 48” or 60”
Primed Poplar Riser Covers = ¾” thick x 7 ¼” tall
Our stair riser covers are offered in:
Red Oak, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Hard Maple and Hickory 
18 Standard Colors with commercial-grade Aluminum Oxide Finish.
Custom Colors with Aluminum Oxide Finish to perfectly match your hardwood floors or other trim.