Hardwood Decorative Stair Risers are a revolutionary stair remodeling product for stairs, which add stunning artistry and designer appeal to the face of stairs. All decorative stair risers come in hardwood maple which can be stained to match any stain color and on any species of wood. The size is ¼” thick x 47” wide, with a 5 ¼” x 30” design pattern to be trimmed down to size.

Hardwood Decorative Riser Installation


How To Measure

To order custom sizes, use our easy Decorative Stair Riser Measuring and Cutting Guide (Acrobat PDF), to record your measurements. It's so easy, anybody can do it!

  1. Measure the exposed width of the first riser on your set of stairs, starting at the bottom step.
  2. Using the Decorative Stair Riser Measuring and Cutting Guide, record the first width measurement on the line provided (01 Riser, width)
  3. Measure the length of the riser on the bottom stair.
  4. Record the length on the Decorative Stair Riser Measuring and Cutting Guide (01 Riser, length).
  5. Measure and record custom specifications.
  6. Measure, record and indicate custom specifications for the rest of your risers.

*Please note. Do not assume that each riser has the same measurement. It is common for your stair risers to not be all the same dimensions.

Custom Specifications:

Your staircase may include risers that have circular round first steps, no side rails or some of the items below:

  • 1-sided Open ended stairs
    • Visual Center Alignment
    • Off center design placement
  • Curved or bullnose stairs
  • Newel penetrating riser

To help you with custom specifications, download the following files:

View stair layouts and anatomy (Acrobat PDF)

Visual Centering Guide (Acrobat PDF)

Decorative Stair Riser Measuring and Cutting Guide (Acrobat PDF)

How To Stain/Finish

Staining and Top Coating:

The Hardwood Decorative Stair Risers consist of real wood and simply stained and top coated like any other wood product. We recommend you follow the instructions provided on the can by the supplier. The MDF core material was chosen because the stain color will turn up darker within the grooved and cut-through elements of each design. This fact is what significantly enhances the 3D quality of the product and disguises the finishing nails upon installation.

*One Step Beyond™ strongly recommends that water-based or stain & poly-in-1 products are not used, due to the inconsistent finish and the difficulty of application.

Finishing Directions for Open Ended Stairs

  • Finish ends with multiple coats of stain for a beautifully finished look. 

    • Finish ends with trim molding available at your local lumber store 

How To Install

Do-It Yourself or Hire a Contractor

Installation is simple when you use our pre-cut and finished risers.


  • 100% clear silicone glue
    • Finishing nails and hammer or brad nail gun.


  1. Trim each panel to your existing riser size. 
  2. Apply stain and finish. To eliminate this step, order finished panels. 
  3. Glue to the existing riser using 100% clear silicone.
    Nail onto existing riser using finishing nails, such as brad nails or pin nails. Nail through the grooved elements of each design by using a nail punch, so to eliminate nail visibility and potential to damage the face of the panels. This installation also allows you to easily remove the screens, if necessary.