Over the past 20 years, creator and owner of One Step Beyond™, Tracy Sanborn, has been an interior design consultant working with clients regarding kitchen design, floors, furniture, furnishings, space allocation and textiles, on home and commercial remodeling projects. She also creates 2D and 3D original works of art for walls, mural paintings and even business furniture; incorporating never seen before elements of design, such as chandelier parts, art glass and thermo-glass beads.

Tracy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Design from the well-renowned Design, Art, Architecture & Planning Program at the University of Cincinnati. Throughout her career, Tracy has worked in various capacities with Sherwin Williams, Neiman Marcus, Federated Stores, Limited Brands, Liz Claiborne, Mercantile Stores and Ann Taylor Stores. Tracy specializes in product development and cutting-edge color and has vast knowledge in all areas of design, research, import/export resourcing, manufacturing, factory production, retail marketing, costing and profitability.

15 years ago, during a personal remodeling project of tearing up carpet and installing and refinishing hardwood floors, Tracy discovered a huge neglect in the home décor market - stairs. She found no decorative products or services available in the market for stairs, other than stencil painting or wallpaper boarders. So, Tracy had her hardwood flooring installer cut 14 individual pieces of wood and she created a 3D, 14-piece mural to climb the face of her stairs.

The response was overwhelming - everyone who saw it wanted it! As an experienced businesswoman, Tracy transformed the idea from a "1-of-a-kind" set of stairs, into a mass-marketable product called Hardwood Decorative Stair Risers. In just 18 short months, this innovative idea became a patent pending USPTO product, and an incorporated company with brand recognition, product awareness and sales.

Tracy has expanding her Hardwood Decorative Riser product to service all needs of a stair remodel project, offering Hardwood Stair Tread & Riser Covers and Adjustable Iron Balusters. Tracy continues to offer artistic products to address other areas of a home, such as Exterior Decorative Shutters. Tracy’s innovative products fill a special niche in the home décor market and add transformational beauty and artistic value to any home!

If you are interested in Tracy visiting your home and providing professional Design Consultation, please email or call with the following information:

  • Location = city & zip code in Northern KY or Cincinnati OH
  • Scope of project = short description
    • # of rooms
    • Need per room
      • Color
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Email: OneStepBeyond@fuse.net 

Call: 859-466-6067